The Ruckman Record

by Mr. Ruckman

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Kade MC's uniquely diverse album The Ruckman Record infuses raw and insightful hip hop lyricism with acoustic percussion and refreshingly melodic instrumentation. The Ruckman Record paints a deeply expressive self-portrait, showcasing a collection of diverse boom-bap bangers with undertones of funk, soul and rock.

"KADE MC opens up the listeners minds with introspective lyrics and a head bopping beat" - Dalton Desmond-Walker

Kade gives us a deep and humanistic insight into his own life, demonstrating a perceptive and profound standpoint with a dark, self-deprecating sense of humour.

"The album takes us on a deeply personal journey of discovery. It feels like a balance sheet weighing out the reasons to stay positive in life against the reasons to succumb to the darkness and doubt that overtakes everyone's mind at some point in life" - Jennifer Weidman (

In contrast with that, come songs of cheer and optimism, showcasing Kade’s positive, inspiring determination and strong passion for creativity and self-expression.

"Through all the darkness which is enclosed in the human psyche that this album dredges up, I feel like the positive messages far outweigh any negative" - J.W

The Ruckman Record is a musical mash-up of upbeat grooves and somber strides accompanied by the shrewd lyricism of a thought-provoking heretic, certain to move you physically and emotionally.

"The past few years, Kade has been strongly focused on delivering the best debut album that he possibly could. He has been polishing to a perfect shine, what could only be recognised as a gem, The Ruckman Record" - J.W

Press Quotes

"Kade's a syllable-twisting, rhyme-scheme junkie in the process of a rise to prominence" - Viktor Krum: Drum Media

"I was especially blown away by Kade MC… Fantastic! Skills and semantics and plenty of flow" - Skoop:

"Another highlight was watching the murder of The Tongue at the hands of up and comer Kade MC" - Liz Galinovic: 3D World

"Kade commands your attention, and had the full attention of his audience to deliver a blistering act" - Luke Warm:


released April 27, 2012

Executive producer: Kade Ruckman
All tracks mixed by Kade Ruckman @ Ruckman Productions
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 11 Mastered by Andrew Edgson @ Studios 301
Tracks 5, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Mastered by Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering
Album design & layout by Lucia Ciccio
Earth image designed by Kade Ruckman
Photography by Christina Maras
Copyright © Kade Ruckman 2012, All Rights Reserved



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